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Local Content

Eos is a proud supporter of local businesses and we try to source products locally whenever possible. Here are some of our local suppliers:

hemp oil, hemp seed, hemp protein, and a variety of hemp personal care products
fresh goat's milk yogurt and cheeses
organic frozen blueberries
collars and leashes for pets
wine cups, bowls, and trinket trays
bread, baked goods, and natural nut butters
Canaan Land Free-Range Eggs
from summer pastured hens
seasonal, organic fresh salad greens
hemp hearts, hemp oil
Maritime-milled oats, heritage wheat varieties, and cereals
Waggin’ Tails
handmade dog treats
hummus, soups, and energy balls
German style sourdough Rye bread
hot pepper sauce
Herbal remedies
skin care lotions, oils, salves, scents, and bug repellent
fish oil supplements
locally harvested seaplants and natural plant fertilizer
lotion, soaps, lip balms, and salves
fair trade, organic chocolate and tea
freeze dried snacks
honey, pollen, and honeycomb
Fox Hollow Dairy
fresh goat's milk
fine tea and chocolate
Wolfville Super Honey
gluten-free breads, muffins, and granola
locally grown and produced Haskap berry jam and juice
apple cider vinegar
locally grown soldier and cattle beans
locally grown and dried cranberries
fair trade, organic coffee
fresh pressed, frozen wheatgrass juice and bird seed pies
fresh tofu delivered on a weekly basis
probiotic coconut kefir
vegan treats and frozen meals
high quality dehydrated meat dog treats
powdered phytoplankton for supplementation
ground flax and baking mixes
Frosty Maple
maple syrup and maple candies
locally grown rye, oat, and wheat flours and bran
cracked flax